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The Petrotec Group has taken an interventionist social position over the years, which complies with all the commitments it has with its customers, employees and suppliers, whether at an economic, environmental or a social level.

The Group aims to make its mark in the communities in which it is inserted. Education, health and support for the most needy have been the areas of social action we have focused on, trying to help create the difference.

In the past years, the various operations and units scattered throughout the world have embraced several social causes and invested in the support of the institutions identified as social partners of the Petrotec Group. Examples are the support given by Petrotec Portugal to institutions such as CERCIGUI; from Petrotec Spain to ASION - Children's Oncology Association of Madrid; from Petrotec India to the Akshaya Patra Foundation; and with an impact not only at the level of Portugal but, above all, internationally - through support for several projects in Africa - Petrotec has for many years established a partnership with AMI.