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The Group's objectives are the sustained growth of its business and the satisfaction of the market's needs and expectations, supported by the efficiency of its operations and the development of its human capital. To this end, the Group operates based on the following goals and guiding principles:

Commitment and precision:

Compliance with applicable legislation, standards and regulations and unconditional abidance by other requirements subscribed to by the organization.

Continuous improvement:

Strong commitment of the entire organization to an effort to continuously improve its processes, aiming at the satisfaction of Clients and Employees, through actions that simultaneously promote environmental sustainability and demonstrate its social responsibility.

Culture of innovation:

Search for technological and operational innovation, in a transparent, decentralized and continuous way, through initiatives limited to the Group itself or in close partnership with universities, technological centres or other business entities.

Mutual benefit:

Motivation of the business partners, so that they ensure the implementation of our best practices and privilege similar guiding and performance principles.

Preventive action:

Adoption of practices that lead to the prevention of failure, accidents and occupational diseases, as well as of damaging environmental impacts.

September 1st, 2020