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Since very early in its history, Petrotec has been committed to growing in a global, safe and sustainable way. This ambition has brought with it enormous challenges in terms of meeting technical, legal and quality requirements in the products it manufactures.

Since 1993, the certification of the Quality Management System in place at Petrotec and Petroassist is a guarantee, from several external entities, that the Petrotec Group has a solid and efficient system, which ensures consistency with the Group's Policy and compliance with all current legal and regulatory frameworks.

The first steps towards Petrotec's certification were given in 1993, with the certification of its Quality Assurance System under Standard NP EN 29002. Four years later (1998), the reference standard for the Quality System and its certification was changed to ISO 9001, whose requirements were also met by Petrotec.

At the start of the new millennium, there was a need to further develop the Quality System in order to comply with the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000, a process that was concluded in 2001. 

With the strengthening of the common vision promoted by the European Union at various levels of society, including legislation applicable to the oil industry, with a particular focus on aspects related to consumer protection, measures were taken towards the convergence of the various previously existing pieces of national legislation. To a great extent, the goal was to standardise technical, safety, metrological, environmental and other requirements across the various countries, so as to enable a true internal market and, at the same time, promote a high level of safety and technical performance in the products manufactured.

A good example of this practice was the issuing of European Directives MID and ATEX, which was complied with by Petrotec, as recognised and approved by external entities. These directives are already in force in all the countries of the European Union and are also widely accepted by other Western European countries.

The MID Directive was initially launched in 2004, with the aim of aggregating, into one single European directive, the metrological requirements applicable to the vast majority of measuring equipment subject to metrological control, and its Annex MI-005 established the characteristics that must be met by systems used for the continuous and dynamic measuring of quantities of liquids other than water, a category that includes the fuel-pumping equipment and management systems developed by Petrotec.

In turn, the ATEX Directive – 2014/34/UE applies to protective equipment and systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Being a multinational company, the Petrotec Group, as it establishes its operations in countries on every continent, naturally encounters many different standards in each country, each with its own specificities, including local approval requirements, which Petrotec is able to obtain, on a case-by-case basis. For example, in some Eastern European countries, such as Russia, the whole process of obtaining approval for equipment is completely independent, and follows regulations that are specific to these countries. 

No less important are the implications that the different geographical characteristics of each region of the world impose on the technical specifications of the equipment. A mountainous and cold zone will have very different demands from those of a flat, arid desert or a wet and salty marina, which means studies must be conducted on the equipment's estimated life cycle in each of these contexts.

Petrotec is currently a company of the world and for the world and, stemming from this global vision, it has accumulated vast knowledge of the legal requirements and needs of the various markets worldwide. We are a multinational company with presence on 5 continents and 84 countries, including direct operations and distributors and representatives. Petrotec is currently one of the world's main players in the manufacturing and marketing of, and provision of technical assistance for, equipment and solutions for the storage, distribution and retail areas of the oil industry.

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